EnerGrow works with grid operators to support organic, sustainable energy demand growth through business support and productive energy asset financing.

EnerGrow’s model is based on a close relationship with grid operators, sharing of data, and long term solutions. We know that for most grid operators, higher consumption is only a good thing, and we also know that most new grid customers want to use more power. However, there is a problem. The primary barrier to new customers consuming more energy is the cost of assets. Customers can afford power, but they can’t afford the assets with which to benefit from their grid connection.

We work with stakeholders and the local community to identify businesses that could benefit from electrification, and design loan products that cater for specific needs. Our data shows that customers want to consume four times more power than they currently are, and furthermore, our modelling shows that with EnerGrow’s intervention, we can increase energy demand by 50% to 100%.

  • Stakeholder focus: Grid developers/operators
  • Impact: Demand stimulation and better bankability
  • Target region: East Africa